Two Paragraph Innovation: Urinalysis by iPhone

A new iPhone application called “UChek” is coming out that will allow users to conduct their own urinalyses from anywhere, using nothing but their phone and a $20 chemical strip.  The idea is for both medical and preventive opportunity; the company imagines its user waking up in the morning, checking him or herself out in the mirror, getting on the scale, and assessing white blood count levels.

If this is possible, imagine the capabilities of expanding this technology to other self diagnotic tests: such as the dreaded health risk analysis.  The HRA is the keystone to a good wellness tracking system and companies spend incredible blood and treasure (pun intended) collecting the data.  The strategic implications could be game changing if an app allowed patients to check in medically each month for discounts, or if wellness programs allowed members via their smartphones to participate anywhere they wanted.  The effectiveness of (currently only quasi-credible) wellness programs and disease management initiatives expand by an order of magnitude.  This will be a trend we are watching closely at Benefits Strategy.

UChek is currently being reviewed by Apple and is going through clinical tests in Mumbai, India.  If it receives approval, it will begin being eligible for purchase for $99 in the app store.

Now if they could just get Siri to understand basic requests…