Problem:  Healthcare costs are increasing at an unsustainable rate.  They are hurting businesses’ abilities to hire, expand, invest, and innovate.  They are burdening families across America whose healthcare costs increase faster than wages.  Warren Buffet said healthcare was not just the #1 problem in American business, but the #1 Problem in America.

Many employers feel powerless to buck this trend.  They look at their competitors who are all suffering under the same pressures and assume it is to be accepted and dealt with.  As a consultant, you do not have to be overwhelmed in discovering the tactics to beat the trend for your clients.  This website is here to share the most critical information to help you succeed.

Mission: To bring together the best practices, innovations, and strategies in healthcare benefits so employers can reverse the cost trend.  This site will provide expert, independent information in a transparent manner and will highlight only innovations and tactics that get results, to separate the signal from the sales noise in benefits strategy and plan design.

Who Should Visit This Site: CEO’s, CFO’s, Human Resources staff, Insurance Brokers and Consultants, Healthcare Carriers, Healthcare Vendors, and Government personnel who want to see the free market response to the health care problem.

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